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A membership is required to race. We are a “Member Facility” similar to other venues like Top Golf. If you are not going to race karts, you do not need a membership for any of the other activities, or to simply spectate. 

The chassis is the same; the only difference is the way they are powered. ?Speed Club Center uses electric carts because they accelerate harder, smoother and offer more consistent performance than gas powered karts. Electric indoor karting is also quieter, produces no fumes and don’t leak any fluids, so the track is always clean and safe. 

All drivers need to be at least 54 inches in height. All racers 15 and under race in the Youth category. 

Everyone is required to wear an approved safety helmet that we provide. 

You should wear comfortable clothing and close toed shoes are required to race. Speed Club Center has rental shoes available. 

Yes! It must be DOT approved. If the DOT approved sticker is missing, the helmet is not allowed to be used at the facility. 

The term “Arrive and Drive” refers to a standard race that is not tied to a party or scheduled event. Basically these are walk-in clients racing on a first come, first served basis. 

Yes. We offer reservations for number of reasons including birthdays, bachelor parties, teambuilding events and much more.